一个新的 Skype的 的iOS 和iPad的更新OSOS将允许iPhone和iPad用户模糊视频通话的背景。

微软’的Skype允许您虚拟地与家人,朋友和同事聊天。它’s a popular app, though it misses several features that made Zoom a household name during the Coronavirus pandemic. To ensure that more people use Skype的 on their phones, 微软 will allow iPhone and iPad users to blur their background on calls. This feature has been available on desktop for a while.

有了新的更新,您可以在与同事或客户进行视频通话时隐藏您的凌乱房间。要使用此功能,用户需要从App Store下载适用于iOS的Skype应用程序的最新版本。标题为‘启用背景模糊。’


Step 1:从iPhone或iPad上的App Store下载Skype最新版本。

Step 2:启动设备上的Skype应用。

Step 3:发起视频通话。

Step 4:在接听电话时,点按(…)更多菜单。

Step 5:打开‘Blur my background’ option.

在视讯通话期间,您需要切换“Blur my background”设置,然后Skype调整视频源,使您保持焦点并模糊背景。请记住,如果您不这样做,则背景模糊是一项可选功能’不想模糊背景。关闭背景模糊。

三月, 微软 revealed that the number of people using the platform increased by 70 percent in a month to 40 million people. Skype的-to-Skype calling minutes also jumped 220 percent. Skype的 faces stiff competition from Zoom and Google Meet. 微软 acquired Skype的 for $8.5 billion back in 2011.